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  No Image Found Asylum Research Cypher S AFM This high-resolution atomic force microscope (AFM) with a standard scanner has a bandwidth of up to 8 MHz, which makes it well-suited for multifrequency modes, such as Dual AC and AM-FM. Other techniques include EFM, KPFM, MFM, LFM, force spectroscopy and tapping mode. For well-prepared surfaces, high speed imaging up to 20 Hz is feasible. Raster scans down to 200 nm is routine.
  No Image Found Asylum Research MFP-3D Bio AFM This atomic force microscope (AFM) can be used as a standard AFM, though its bandwidth is limited to 1 MHz. Generally, half micron scans are feasible. However, its unique advantage is force microscopy in a fluid environment. Measured and applied forces range from tens of picoNewtons to nanoNewtons. Typical samples for force microscopy in a fluid environment are hydrogels and biological cells.
  No Image Found Bruker TriboIndenter 950 This Hysitron product from Bruker Corporation is a very sensitive nanoindenter that can apply and measure forces from 10 microNewtons to 10 milliNewtons. Likewise, it can apply and measure displacements from tens of nanometers to 5 microns. In addition to quasistatic indentation, scratching, lateral force and friction measurements, and cyclic loading, it also has the ability to do dynamic mechanical measurements up to 300 Hz at room temperature only. Lastly, the nanoindenter can be used as a scanning probe microscope to generate topographical  images of the surfaces before and after indentation.
  No Image Found Instron MicroTester 8848 This table-top electromechanical universal tension/compression apparatus, made by Instron Corporation, can be used for uniaxial testing of small and thin materials. It can apply and measure loads ranging from 1 to 2000 Newtons. Typical samples range from elastomers to metal alloys.
  No Image Found Micro Materials NanoTest NTX This micro/nanoindenter is capable of measuring and applying loads  and depths ranging from 1 milliNewton to 20 Newtons and up to 70 microns respectively. Quasistatic indentation, scratching, lateral force and friction measurements, cyclic loading, impact testing and dynamic hardness measurements are all possible, both in air and liquid.

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